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In a whole new different way
In a whole new different way

Walking Tours In Israel

Travel with our Self Guided Unique Hiking Navigation Program Or Let One Of Our Tour Guides Lead You Through The Trails Of Israel

Walkinnisrael is all about exploring the untrodden paths of Israel – exactly the way you want.
We offer hiking trips in Israel with: inn to inn, self guided backpacking treks walking at your own pace. Be it trudging along the scenic routes of the hills surrounding Nazareth, a trek around the Sea of Galilee or a leisurely stroll along the Mediterranean Coast, Walkinnisrael makes these 'untrodden' tracks and adventures accessible, achievable and very enjoyable.
Inn To Inn self guided hikes in Israel
Around the sea of Galilee 1 - Israel hiking trip
The traveler can absorb tranquility, fresh air and enjoy the entire experience meeting different indigenous communities and fascinating people living in various types of settlement around the shores of the lake. This trail has something to offer to everyone
From Sea to Sea - Israel hiking trip
Our trip to Golan Heights is all about touring and exploring From sea to sea exactly the way you want. Travel to Israel by Walk in Israel offers opportunity to discover From sea to sea and explore the treasures From sea to sea.
Jezreel Valley Biblical Trek - Israel hiking trip
New places bearing biblical names, sites where kings reigned, paths in which walked prophets and warriors are where the trail passes and all at once the stories come to life; all this against the stunning backdrop of the Jezreel Valley, Mount Gilboa, kibbutzim and freshwater springs.
From Joshua to Rabin - Israel hiking trip
The "from Joshua to Rabin" route explores the stories of two leaders, one from the biblical era, Joshua, and Yitzhak Rabin the prime minister who signed a Peace Agreement and was murdered in 1994
The Gospel Trail - Israel hiking trip
Many intriguing places along the route shed light on other significantly dramatic events in history. Of equal impact are the transitions between the gentle rolling hills of Lower Galilee to the Kinneret lying below sea level, between the limestone hills to the basalt plains and between woodlands and agricultural regions.
Carmel - Nazareth Trail - Israel hiking trip
Our trip to Carmel-Nazareth Trail is all about touring and exploring Carmel-Nazareth Trail exactly the way you want. Travel to Israel by Walk in Israel offers opportunity to discover Carmel-Nazareth Trail and explore the treasures Carmel-Nazareth Trail.
Around the sea of Galilee 2 - Israel hiking trip
Our trip is all about touring and exploring Around the sea of Galilee exactly the way you want. Travel to Israel by Walk in Israel offers opportunity to discover Around the sea of Galilee and explore the treasures Around the sea of Galilee
Golan Heights - Israel hiking trip
,Golan Heights - Israel Tours - WalkInnIsrael, Our trip to Golan Hights is all about touring and exploring Golan Heights exactly the way you want. Travel to Israel by Walk in Israel offers opportunity to discover Golan Heights and explore the treasures of Golan Heights.
Upper Galilee - Israel hiking trip
Ranges of hills with high peaks, one river, many streams, dozens of brooks, primal landscapes, evergreen forests, dense natural groves, valleys, lakes, few residents and many hikers and tourists are what make the Galilee so special

Inn To Inn Hiking Israel
This is your opportunity to discover authentic Israeli life and explore the veritable treasures Israel has to offer by way of the people, trails, landscapes and sites you pass along the way. Israel is one of the few places in the world where during a trek of only a few hours you can come across a wide variety of cultures, diverse landscapes, different climates and visit historical sites dating back 3,000 years.
We believe that the experience will be as unique as the interesting people you meet along the way and at the end of the day. To this end we have carefully chosen your accommodation and those offering you hospitality.

Walkinnisrael is entirely about you. You set the pace. You decide what you want to spend your time exploring. It´s up to you. All you need to do now is choose the route that suits your interest and travel style, arrive in Israel and we will take care of the rest.
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All necessary information on the go

Our advanced GPS navigation application used in our self-guided tours provides detailed and orientation along the trek in audio, photos and video. Acting as your guide as you explore, the App enables you to go on trails with confidence and ease.

Various degrees of difficulty

Each of our tracks has its own grade of difficulty. Since our trips are modular, travelers may choose to walk just part of a trip or combine days of different trips only to enable the experience that best suit their fitness and capabilities.

Comfortable and neat accommodations

We have chosen the best (inns) accommodations to promise friendly hospitality, good rest and a dinner after a day's hike. Part of the accommodations provide lunch boxes for the next day.

Put on your backpack and start walking

We take care of all the rest required for your unforgettable experience. We will make sure to transfer your luggage from inn to inn every day as well as being available and attentive to you during the trip 24/7 only to ensure perfect walking experience in the trails of Israel.

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Who are we?
We believe that there is no way more beautiful or interesting than a firsthand encounter through a self-guided trek with the variety of paths, landscapes, culture and people of Israel.
How does it work?
Become acquainted, in the most direct way, with the authentic Israel on the less trodden paths.
Why with us?
Join us and explore the joys of walking the hills of Israel your way with other like-minded walkers.