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Jezreel Valley Biblical Trek

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Price From: 700$ per person
based on 2 sharing a room in low season mid week (Sat-Wed).
included in the price:
  • 5 nights - Bed&Breakfast
  • 4 walking days
  • 5 breakfasts
  • luggage transfer
  • walking notes
  • meet and greet meeting prior to hike
  • 24/7 telephone assistance
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This special trek in the land of the Bible gives us a unique opportunity to see and feel in deeper ways the events we pictured in our imaginations when we read Bible stories. 

New places bearing biblical names, sites where kings reigned, paths in which walked prophets and warriors are where the trail passes and all at once the stories come to life; all this against the stunning backdrop of the Jezreel Valley, Mount Gilboa, kibbutzim and freshwater springs.

Oh and yes, also a beautifully restored Roman city leaving very little room for fantasy and a Crusader Fort overlooking the ancient landscape of the Jordan River
Start/accommodation point: Gideona

Day 1: Gideona to Jezreel spring (circular). The short circular walk of the first day leaves Gideona and is dedicated to getting acquainted with the area and to a few Bible stories – some that come to mind and some less known. Many names of sites you will visit originate in the Bible. The path that crosses the borderline between Mount Gilboa and the Jezreel Valley is easy going and offers a great glimpse both into the distant past and insight into the present with the renewal of Jewish settlement in Israel. You can leave an ancient biblical city and five minutes later take a break in a nearby modern shopping centre and even go skiing on artificial slopes.10Km, 3-4Hrs.

Day 2: Marvellous Mount Gilboa Meander down to Beit Alfa. The trail goes uphill to Mount Gilboa rising high above the Jezreel Valley. You will pass several spectacular spots where you can sit for a while and enjoy the panorama and on a clear day there is a long-distance view of the surrounding area. The patchwork of fields spreads out before you showing how modern agriculture takes advantage of every acre in the fertile valley and imagine, perhaps, the army of King Saul fighting against the Philistines in the Valley. The trail passes along the ridge through planted forests of pines and in the spring there are carpets of flowers; some are unique. From the highest point on the Gilboa the path descends as it meanders down to the overnight at Kibbutz Beit Alfa. 17km, 7Hrs.

Day 3: Beit Alpha to Beit She´an. Starts at Beit Alpha and continues in the eastern part of the valley called the Valley of Springs; and it is indeed lush with springs arising from the geological seam line between the limestone of the Gilboa and that of the valley. The trail passes some of them. One is the Sachne declared by the Time Magazine as the most beautiful spot in Israel and one of the top 20 most impressive spots in the world. Further on the trail crosses fields, fish ponds, streams, an ancient bridge and enters the town of Beit She´an and your overnight accommodation in a guest house.11Km, 4Hrs.

* As the trail is relatively short, it is highly recommended to visit (about 2 hours) in the National Park of Beit Shean and discover the beautifully restored Hellenistic city (Skitopolis).

Day 4: Belvoir back to Beit She´an. A car shuttle will take you from Beit She´an to the starting point - Belvoir – a massive and very impressive Crusader fortress, perched high above the Jordan Valley which provided strategic control of the area and an amazing view. The trail leaves the fortress on side slopes descending gently from basalt plateau and through pastures and fields of wheat, corn or chickpeas depending on the season until it reaches the cliff of Nachal (stream) Issachar. The plant life and landscape are different from previous days. And if you feel that you are in the African bush, you´re not far wrong because this is an area of transition between the Mediterranean flora and climate zone and the Sahara Desert plant life; this is very typical to Israel, a meeting point of four flora zones with a diverse collection of plants. The trail climbs up on the south bank of the stream and continues on down southward along the ridge back to Beit Shean.17Km, 6.5Hrs. (an extra hour to visit the Belvoir Fortress).
Gilboa Guest House Benharim
Gilboa Guest House Benharim

Halon Lahar Suite
Halon Lahar Suite

Beit Shean Guest House
Beit Shean Guest House