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North (Galilee) Israel hidden jems

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Price From: 900$ per person
based on 2 sharing a room in low season mid week (Sat-Wed).
included in the price:
  • 5 nights - Bed&Breakfast
  • 5 walking days
  • 5 breakfasts 1 dinner
  • luggage transfer
  • walking notes
  • meet and greet meeting prior to hike
  • 24/7 telephone assistance
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Ranges of hills with high peaks, one river, many streams, dozens of brooks, primal landscapes, evergreen forests, dense natural groves, valleys, lakes, few residents and many hikers and tourists are what make the Galilee so special. It has even been nicknamed the Israeli Tuscany or Provence. Either way, the Galilee is a fascinating area that offers dozens of touring and entertainment options.
Start/accommodation point: Tzfat (Safed)

Day 1: Tzfat to Gush Halav. Start in Tzfat. It is recommended to make the best of the morning or the day before, if it fits the schedule, for a tour of this unique town, in the alleyways of the old city and the artists´ colony. The trail descends from the town northwards through pine forest, the remains of villages, past springs and into the lush Nahal (stream) Ammud. It is worthwhile resting in the shade by one of the pools. Continue through the Tuscan landscape of orchards, vines and vineyards, an ecological village, water reservoir, basalt landscape and ends in the mixed village of Gush Halav (Jish=Arabic); the majority of residents are Christian Maronites living in coexistence with Muslims and Catholic Greeks. 13km, 5Hrs.

Day 2: Nachal Dishon to Ramot Naftali. A car shuttle takes you to the starting point of the trail at the lower part of Nahal Dishon, one of the larger streams of the Upper Galilee. Wild landscape of rocks and natural forests accompany you together with orchards of pomegranates and vines. Towards the end of the trail a breathtaking view of the Hula Valley (part of the Great Rift Valley) and the Golan Heights will be revealed. The finish is in B&B in Moshav Ramot Naftali. 14Km, 5.5Hrs (optional 20Km, 8Hrs).

Day 3: Kibbutz Yiftach to Kfar Giladi. A short car ride from Ramot Naftali will take you to the starting point near Kibbutz Yiftach. Start with a down climb to a real canyon on a small scale and a possible meeting with rock hyraxes. Continue on a scenic route that runs along the Naftali Mountain cliff overlooking the entire length of the Hula Valley landscape. The trail passes observation points, a geological path, beneath the cable car, over a rocky and wild landscape, between forests and fields. Towards the end you will pass a special monument with an interesting story about the history of the country. The finish is in Kibbutz Kfar Giladi. 16Km, 6Hrs. 
option 2 - start in Yiftach, finish under the cable car station of Manara cliff. A car shuttle to Kfar Giladi/Metula 8Km, 3.5Hrs.
option 3 -  start at Koach (Yesha) fortress and finish under the cable car station. A car shuttle to Kfar Giladi/Metula 15Km, 5-6 Hrs 

Day 4: Kfar Giladi to Dafna. A country of water streams is called the region of the trip today. It starts in Kfar Giladi and passes through many water channels that are the sources of the Jordan River. This is a populated and fertile agricultural area so you can choose between a stop near a small stream between the trees or in a restaurant in a shopping center at one of the road junctions. You can also take a dip and splash in the cool water if it´s a hot day. Towards the end you can choose whether to go into the beautiful nature reserve of Tel Dan (detour, recommended), or go straight to your accommodation in Dafna. 17km,  8Hrs (Tel Dan NP included),  13Km, 5.5Hrs. 
option 2 - Start in the town of Kiryat Shmona, walk along the Jordan river tributaries and finish at Kibbutz Dafna 14Km, 5-6Hrs.

Day 5: Banias to She´ar Yishuv. A classic trail to end a delightful trek; a short ride from Kibbutz Dafna to the National Park and Nature Reserve of Banias. Combination of mythological stories, an interesting archaeological site, nature in all its glory, plenty of water, waterfalls, fascinating scenery, taste of local Druze food and all on an 8km, 3- 4Hrs trip at a leisurely pace.
Rosenthalis, Tzfat
Rosenthalis, Tzfat

At Neveen s home Aramic hospitality, Jish
At Neveen s home Aramic hospitality, Jish

Aluma Bakfar, Ramot Naftaly
Aluma Bakfar, Ramot Naftaly

Metula travel hotel
Metula travel hotel

Erettz Dafna hotel
Erettz Dafna hotel