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The route to Jerusalem

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Price From: 750$ per person
based on 2 sharing a room in low season mid week (Sat-Wed).
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  • 5 nights - Bed&Breakfast
  • 4 walking days
  • 5 breakfasts, 3 dinners
  • luggage transfer
  • walking notes
  • meet and greet meeting prior to hike
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The "from Joshua to Rabin" route explores the stories of two leaders, one from the biblical era, Joshua, who was born in Egypt, became Moses assistant and military leader, the one that crossed the Jordan river with the people of Israel and led them to the land of Cannaan. Yitzhak Rabin was born in Jerusalem and in 1948, at the age of 26 was in charge of the most important front during the independence war - the road to Jerusalem, his "hometown". After more than 20 years of fighting Joshua dies, leaving a strong tribal coalition that conquered most of the land of Cannaan, which turned to be the land of Israel. Rabin, after almost 50 years of fighting became the prime minister who signed a Peace Agreement with the State of Jordan and the Palestinians, and was murdered for it, leaving a weaker "tribal coalition". explore the story of these two leaders. 
Day1: overnight in Neve Shalom

Day 2: Neve Shalom and Latroon (circular)
Explore the sites and nature of Ayalon valley: churches, monasteries, museums, archeological excavations and more, overnight in Neve Shalom  17Km, 7.5-8Hrs Accommodation: Neve Shalom
Day 3: Neve Shalom to Shoresh
Today´s hike will take you through important sites of the 1948 war of independence. Beginning with the "Burma Road", on to the mountains overlooking the main road to Jerusalem and for a nice ending, take you to one of Israel´s nicest nature reserves, with some of its oldest trees.12.5 Km, 5-6Hrs. Accommodation: Shoresh green hills

Day 4: Shoresh to Yad Hashmona (Neve Ilan)
This day combines a nice walk in the forest with history and heritage, diverse settlements and communities which reflect the Israeli society. Walk through a Moshav = cooperative village, visit the Arab village of Abu-Gosh (great Humus). A very unique community in Yad Hashmona of Messianic Jews and Christians living together.   13 KM, 5-6 Hrs. Accommodation: Yad Hashmona country hotel 

Day 5: From Kibbutz Tzuba to Ein Karem (Jerusalem), 
A car transfer to Tzuba.. Tel Tzuba the Crusader Fortress called “Bellmont”; The Sattaf Reconstruction of ancient agriculture. The romantic village Ein Kerem with Church of Visitation; Notre Dame de Zion garden; Church "Moscovia" and Mary’s Fountain; 11 kilometers, 4-5 Hours. Accommodation: at the Sisters of Notre Dame De Zion Guest House
Day 6: breakfast.
Neve Shalom
Neve Shalom
Neve Shalom

Shoresh green hills
Shoresh green hills
Shoresh green hills

Yad Hashmona country hotel
Yad Hashmona country hotel
Yad Hashmona country hotel

Notre Dame de Sion Convent Guest House Ein Kerem
Notre Dame de Sion Convent Guest House Ein Kerem
Notre Dame de Sion Convent Guest House Ein Kerem