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Our Self Guided Inn To Inn Trips In Israel

Step back in time as you walk between mountains and sea through a landscape untouched by the march of time.

Our trails throughout the Galilee provide an in depth insight into past and present Israeli culture. Various and fascinating aspects of Israeli society are revealed.

If you can imagine setting foot on the way where prophets and kings familiar from the Bible trod in years gone by or in the footsteps of Jesus and his disciples, areas where marched the armies of empires led by warlords such as Titus, Saladin, or Napoleon and where civilizations, religions and nations were created, then now is the time to realize your dream. You will certainly find in at least one of the treks that we offer the closest thing to your heart.

All that remains is to choose the route and make a booking. We at Walkinnisrael will take care of the rest to guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Walkinnisrael provides trips in Israel for unforgettable adventure.