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Terms and Conditions

Dear traveler,

Welcome to "Walkinnisrael" (Alon Batavor Roads Ltd.) ") website (hereinafter: "Walkinnisrael Website", "The Site"). As you will have to confirm site's terms and conditions, we suggest that you will take the time to read the following information carefully. We invite you to contact us if further and specific information is required.

The use in Walkinnisrael website is subject to the terms and conditions herein below. If you do not accept the following terms and conditions, please exit Walkinnisrael website or end your use immediately. 

These terms and conditions apply to use of any kind, including via cellphones, tablets, pc ETC.

"Content" : including but not limited to, any verbal or visual content, pictures, pics, drawings, drafts, videos, audios, software, reviews, data, symbol, icon and any other content displayed in the site.

"The Company"  or "Company" or "We": "Walkinnisrael" (Alon Batavor Roads Ltd.) and anyone on its behalf.

All rights in the content displayed In Walkinnisrael website originated in the company and/or on its behalf, including intellectual property, copyright, and distribution rights or else, belongs solely to the company. Without derogating from the above mentioned all rights in site designs and method of display belongs solely to the company.

All content is for personal use only, and you may not perform any other use whatsoever, including commercial use. Copying, duplicating and printing contents, inter alia for distribution, sale advertising or other commercial use, is strictly prohibited. All unless company's consent in writing.

Trademarks in the site are the property of their owners, including registered owners. If a trademark of some advertisers is displayed in the site, than the advertiser is the owner of its trademark. Trademark use is not permitted without owner's prior written consent.

Site use:
You can use the site following the conditions above and below.
By entering our site and using it, you declare that you are 18 or older and legally capable of applying to the terms and conditions herein.

You undertake to prevent from uploading content or performing actions that might stand against Israeli or any other applicable law, including but not limited to content that might breach copyrights, trademarks, may cause libel, breach of privacy rights, abomination etc.

You undertake to prevent from performing any action whatsoever in site design, source, contents and other elements, if such action is granted to the copyright owner in accordance with applicable law.

All contents and services in the site are displayed for use "as is" and subject to the company sole discretion. The user irrevocably waves any claim or demand against the company and/or any of its behalf with respect to the content and services in the site, their capabilities, compatibilities etc. all use of content and services is at user's sole responsibility. Company shall not bear responsibilities for authentication of content displayed by users and shall not bear any damage or loss whatsoever derogating from the use of users content. The company shall not bear responsibility for any loss or damage occurred to user computers, cellphones or tablets.

Links to other sources or sites, if displayed, are for user convenience alone, and the company is not responsible for content, liability and function of such sights. 

The company shall, from time to time and in its sole discretion, may change all site content and services, without prior notice and the user waves any claim or demand against the company or its behalf with respect to such change or alteration.

The company cannot undertake that the use or services provided in the site shall not be disturbed and or shall not be exposed to unauthorized access and or damages to software, communication loss and any other for that matter. Company shall not bare any liability for any loss expense or damage suffered due to such events.

The company shall not bear responsibility for any loss of personal information or content suffered. Unless company shall be required by court order and/or shall face legal proceedings due to user activity, company shall strive to prevent from disclosing user personal information.

Commercial advertisements and information
Site may display commercial advertisements and information, and the company shall not be responsible to the content of such information and user relying on such information. The advertiser shall bear Sole responsibilities for such information, and by no means the company recommends the purchase of products or services displayed in the site.

User's communication and users content
The site my permit users communication. The user notes that such communication might expose him to messages and or comments and or talkbacks and or reviews from others, which the company is not involved in or responsible to. The user irrevocably dismisses the company from any liability to such communication.

the site represent content uploaded or displayed by users, including but not limited to recommendations, pics, comments, reviews, blogs, talkbacks etc (hereinafter:" User Content"). you declare that you will note publish, display, upload or post in any manner user content that:

you are aware that is false, wrong, or appears to be such;

harmful to public, might breach applicable law, might stand ground for civil claim or liability;

Offensive, insulting, hostile, threatening;

pornographic or sexually explicit;

might encourage prejudice or racism;

you do not own the rights in, or might breach a third party rights, including copyrights;

viruses or hostile software including worms, Trojan horses and other harmful software or applications;

commercial content or advertising information;

user content referring to minors including details with respect to his personal details, address pr contacts;

user content that might violent a third party's privacy

political content

we might refuse to publish user content that breaches or might breach or violate the above restrictions or might jeopardize the site or a third party, and might erase such user content and prohibit further  user content publication from user.

we also might prevent sight usage from users breaching the above restrictions, and or might edit content in any way we see fit.

when you upload a user content, you undertake that it is in your sole and full responsibility, that it is correct and not in a breach of rights, including copyrights. you agree that the user content might be edited, restored, removed or any other applicable use we night see fit. you agree that all rights with respect to the user content shall be given and granted to us including the unlimited right to use the user content, all without payment, consideration ,royalties or other. you explicitly agree to irrevocably wave any moral rights with respect to user content and any claim, financial or other, with respect to the user content.

all users contents are not in company's responsibility and we not in any way undertake to verify user contents authenticity or accuracy. such content does not and will not reflect, present or stand with company's views. such content shall not be held as professional opinion or consulting and shall be users own personal opinion. we suggest that a personal independent investigation shall be held before relying on users content.

users irrevocably wave any demand or claim against company with respect to user content.

User shall reimburse and indemnify company and all of its behalf against any damages expenses or losses that may occur, deriving from breach of these terms of use, and or as per claim or demand by a third party deriving from use of site.

Miscellaneous and governing law
These terms of use are in addition to any provision and or terms of use in the site and in case of discrepancy the terms of use herein shall be decisive. The Company might change these terms of use in whole or in part per its discretion without prior notice. Any change shall come to effect as per its publication. The Israeli law shall govern all provisions of these terms of use and any dispute will be decided in the applicable Israeli court, and only Israeli court.