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A Short Guide for Backpacking in Israel

Even though Israel is a particularly small country, hiking along its trails is a one-off experience that has an effect on all our senses.

It encompasses different religions, diverse cultures, unique dishes, fascinating historical sites and unforgettable landscapes, and you have a great opportunity to enjoy them all. We have put together a list of things you must know when planning a trip to Israel, so that you could travel safely and enjoyably and have an unforgettable experience.

Keep safe during your trip
One of the most important matters to take note of is your safety. The State of Israel faces a few security challenges and you must be extra careful not to enter dangerous areas and engage in unnecessary conflicts. Make sure to travel on marked trails and in permitted zones only, and avoid entering unsafe areas. This is especially true if you are planning a self-guided trip, where you travel independently and on your own.

Visit the most exclusive locations
Like all other countries, there are places in Israel that are more well-known and that are packed with tourists, and there are those less familiar and much more interesting. To enjoy the “real” Israel and meet the most interesting people and stories, we recommend taking the proverbial “road less taken”, and planning a visit to places less familiar. We would be happy to help you reach these secret localities and get to know Israel in the best and most fascinating manner possible.

Open your hearts and appetites to a whole new culinary experience
One of Israel’s marvels is the rich and diverse cuisine available to those who call it home and to visitors too of course. The country’s cultural wealth has generated a plethora of ethnic dishes, street food, chef restaurants, food stands and food markets, all creating one astounding culinary experience. We recommend tasting everything that comes to hand and discovering tastes and smells you have never encountered before. These special dishes are another way of getting to know Israel, and apart from the cultural aspect of the experience, you are in for a lot of fun!

Go out into Israel’s nature
In addition to interesting historical sites, Israel has a rich variety of hikes through nature that you simply cannot miss. Mountains, streams, hidden springs, gorgeous lookouts and a plethora of unique vegetation lie ahead around every corner and in any area you choose to trek through. Israel has rich and diverse landscapes varying from yellow deserts to green forest-covered regions. The fact that Israel is relatively small allows you to see completely different landscapes in just a few days, traveling from north to south in a heartbeat and having lots of fun on the way. We would be happy to help you plan a self-guided trip, in which you could travel by yourself without being dependent on a guide, visiting only places that you are interested in. We shall help you find lodgings, hiking trails and English audio guidance and make sure you are equipped with the technological means to help you stay safe. Don’t miss out on the experience!