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Winter Tours through Israel

There is much to be said about Israel’s security issues. Its social and economic issues are also points of no less contention

Some people grumble about the police, the state of education, the health system, anything really. But if there is one thing that most people agree about, it is that the Israeli winter is something special. While in other countries, people spend entire months hiding away in their homes, in Israel one could go out on hikes, enjoy beautiful flower blossoms, streaming brooks and great weather almost every day of the year.  It is true that we don’t get a lot of rain, and that snow falls only in very specific places, but our winter is very friendly for us travelers, and allows us to enjoy the great outdoors almost every day during the winter season.

Winter trails in Israel have a special magic to them, and nature could be appreciated in its full glory. We invite you to join our special wintery trips, full of singular experiences that only the cold season could offer. Winter trips are suitable for families, groups of friends, co-workers, retirees or any other combination you could think of. We would be happy to help you plan a trip that is tailored for your exact needs, that will allow you to enjoy nature, learning and lots of fun.

Winter Trip for Families
During the summer weekends, the question: “What are we doing this Saturday?” isn’t as relevant since most people spend time on the beach or at the pool. Winter is a greater challenge for families who are looking to diversify their Saturdays and do something special that is a little different than the usual run-of-the-mill. Family winter trips are the perfect answer to this question! Going on trips in the winter lets us enjoy perfect weather (almost every weekend...) and sweet-smelling flower blossoms, wade through streams and springs and spend extraordinary quality time with our family.

Winter Flower Blossom Tours
The Israeli winter is the finest hour of its flowers in the north, as well as in other regions of the country. It is the perfect time to go out and see these gorgeous blossoms, learn about them and hear the best stories on the subject. We at “Alon Ba’tavor” love flowers, and we love guiding tours where we get to see them even more. In fact, in Israel, flower blossoms could be found all year round, and so no matter when you plan to travel, we could plan a beautiful flower blossom trip for you.

Recommended Winter Trails
In winter, the rivers flow strongly, the waterfalls are impressive and the springs are full of fresh water.  In the past few years we have experienced some fairly warm winter days that even allow a dip and a swim in the streams and springs. Recommended winter trails are the ones that introduce us to these impressive amounts of water, with spectacular green landscapes in the background, amazing flower blooms and a unique wintry atmosphere. In fact, the Israeli winter lets us go on all types of trails, and we don’t have to give anything up. Go out into nature! All year round and especially in winter. You are in for a special experience and lots of fun and delight.