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Self-Guided Hikes

Go for a hike in your own pace, far from the hectic tourist traps, visit unique locations and trek along adventurous routes surrounded by beautiful scenery

Meet interesting local people, be independent and free of a strict schedule and travel with partners of your own choice. You could do all these things if you embark on a self-guided hike that has become a real trend in the past decade, and one could certainly see why. The advantages we mentioned of such a hike make it attractive to many people who simply want to travel and have fun. Like most other countries, there are many ways to tour through Israel, self-guided tours being one of them. We would be happy to help you plan your trip from A to Z, make sure you visit the most picturesque sites, find suitable accommodations, hear fascinating explanations and have the technological tools that will complement your experience and keep you safe.

Self-Guided Tours in Israel
Despite the fact that Israel is a small country, there is so much to see and so many places to visit. Self-guided tours will allow you to visit and get to know Israel in a slightly different and no less special way than the way it is usually done. We invite you to visit fascinating locations, meet local people with interesting stories, steer clear of the busy tourist attractions and walk along the loveliest routes at your own pace. Contact us so that together we could choose the hikes that will best suit you and your needs. The vast experience we have accumulated over the years in organizing this kind of trip allow us to give people from all over the world unsurpassed experiences.

Self-Guided Tours - Who Is It For?
The obvious advantage of such trips is that you could choose your own partners for the trip and spend time only with people of your choice. Self-guided trips are suitable for small groups: couples, a number of couples, a small group of friends and in certain cases also individuals. This special kind of trip suits those who want to steer clear of the traditional tourist attractions and get to know a place through other, non-mainstream venues. It allows you to enjoy an extraordinary experience at your leisure, letting you set the pace and decide where you’d like to stop for longer and when you’d like to move on.

How Do You Go About It?
Despite the fact that these trips are supposedly completely freestyle and you decide how and where to go, there are a several fixed trails for self-guided hikes. The State of Israel is subject to quite a few security threats and in order to protect yourself from the various dangers, traveling must be done in an orderly and organized manner. Even though self-guided tours with our company give you absolute freedom, we arrange an organized trail, accommodations, explanations and guidance. We supply you with advanced technological equipment that allows you to benefit from relevant information, continuous contact and from details and info relevant to the places you are visiting, in addition to enabling constant contact so that assistance of any kind could be received if the need arises.