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Yam Le Yam hike – Cross Israel by foot

What is the image that first comes to your mind when you hear "a trip to Israel"? Is it the Kotel – the western wall, Masada or perhaps the Dead Sea. It's not that we don't like these familiar and well known sites, not at all.

We just think that Israel has a lot more and many other unique sites to visit, not less interesting. Walking tours in Israel provide the opportunity of discovering authentic Israel rather than the "postcard" one. Expect a unique and intriguing experience, different from everything you knew or thought about Israel. One of the most interesting ways of traveling in Israel is byhiking the Yam Le Yam route.

This unique hike crosses Israel revealing various landscapes, fauna and flora, people with fascinating stories, and,naturally, breathtakingly beautiful beaches. We will be happy to help you plan your coast-to-coast trip in Israel, to assist you in getting organized, and to make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

Self-guided coast to coast hike in Israel
One of the great advantages of Israel is that it can be traveled throughout the year. The comfortable weather makes it possible to hike the coast to coast trip during the cold winter days. Preparing and planning as well as checking the weather forecast are required of course, but it is certainly possible. The Yam Le Yam hike allows you to cross Israel by walking through beaches, streams, mountains and interesting historical sites. Despite its name, this trip will not only focus on walking the beaches but will introduce you to beautiful and varied places, good food, history, culture and art. This is a charming route that will enable you to experience Israel in a unique way

Breathtaking views will accompany you along the hike
Despite its relatively small size, Israel has so many sites to see while in the unique route of Yam Le Yamyou will discover views of various kinds. Green mountains, historical sites, streams with or without water, Mediterranean and Sea of Galilee beaches, ponds, various views and more. Every day is an opportunity to discoverdifferent and various spectacular sceneries and experience Israeli nature to its fullest.

You choose your partners we take care of all the rest
The Yam Le Yam hike is a wonderful experience, but it involves quite a few arrangements. You need to find proper accommodations, dinning places, someone to transfer your luggage from point to point and of course someone to help you plan the route and provide the suitable navigation tools. We are here for just that! Self-guided tours is our specialty and we will be happy to help you plan an unforgettable trip in Israel. Make sure to choose your perfect partner, we will take care of all the other details so as to guaranty an unforgettable experience for you.