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Luggage transfer from inn to inn – how does it work?

We believe that self-guided tours are the best way to get in depth acquaintance with (any) tourist destination. This kind of trips do not necessarily focus on the familiar or crowded sites, but rather on the lesser known and not less (even more) intriguing places.

If you have already made such trips, you probably know that they are one of a kind experience incomparableto any other type of trip. Any trip to a foreign country (self-guided tour in particular) requires packing of heavy luggage. In the case of self guided hikes, it is necessary to make sure that (this heavy) luggage is being carried from one inn to another freeing you to walk with a backpack only. This is where we go into the picture. We provide our travelers with the perfect packageenabling them to concentrate solely on the trip experiences. We take care of all the technical details, including transferring your gear from inn to inn.

Self guided tours inn to inn luggage transfer- this is how it works
We know you have lots of equipment and don't expect you to carry it all when hiking. Self-guided hikes involve many miles of walk so carrying all of your gear is not an option.

Feel free while you travel - we will take care for the rest

We will take care of your luggage! When you get up in the morning, pack everything up.Our messenger will safely carry all your luggage to your next lodging. At the end of the day trip, when arriving at your overnight accommodation, it will be waiting for you.

Be calm! - Our professional team is trained of taking care of every detail
Our experienced team has all the skills required to make your travel experience comfortable and pleasant. We have been dealing with this for many years and transfer our traveler's luggage safely. We know that it is sometimes hard to "release" personal staff and to trust that luggage actually will be there at the end of the, but guess what, it really happens. Luggage transfer is our specialty and we would love to make your trip special, comfortable and pleasant.

Comfortable and safe self-guided tours in Israel
In addition to safely transfer your luggage from inn to inn, we will also take care of all other details to keep you safe and make sure you have a great experience. We will help you in planning a tour that suits your preferences, equip you with a very easy to use GPS based navigation program containing also lots of useful and interesting information,organize recommended accommodation for you and make sure you have a safe and pleasant experience throughout your stay in Israel. WalkInnIsrael is the sole self-guided hikes tour operator in Israel!