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The weather in Israel

So it is true that there is hardly any snow here, and it is true that in the summer it's hard to get by without air conditioning, but there are also many benefits to the Israeli weather.

The most significant advantage is the option of traveling in Israel throughout the year! In both winter peak and hot summer days, you can enjoy a perfect nature walk. Consequently whenever you arrive to Israel, a unique experience of hiking in extraordinary nature trails with spectacular landscapes is guaranteed, as well as flora and fauna each in accordance with the season and region. All it takes is to adapt the itinerary to the expected weather and hence the way to a memorable experience is extremely short. We would be happy to help!

Summer trips in Israel
The Israeli summer is considered particularly difficult while the average temperatures are around 37 degrees. Thought about cancelling your trip to Israel this summer? Well, think again. There are plenty of hiking trails suitable for the Israeli summer and include hikes in the streams and cool springs focusing on the northern region. Summer there is perfect for trips of all kinds and even for overnight stays. A pleasant evening air allows you to stay outside and enjoy a unique experience. The Southern Negev region is less suitable for a summer trip unless route is with water streams, springs, or beaches and hiking is in early morning or late afternoon (to avoid hot hours).

Winter trips in Israel
Unlike Europe, in Israel you can count on two palms the days when there is a real winter here. Snow is hardly mentioned when discussing about Israeli winter and rain falling continuously is a rare occurrence. This shortage of water is truly an issue for us Israelis, but on the other hand, is a big advantage for travelers. You can plan a trip to Israel in January, February and in fact all winter long.

A winter hike in Israel will focus on the southern region, where there is hardly any rain and temperatures are comfortable. Stroll through the wilderness and enjoy a unique and fascinating piece of land. Hiking up north is naturally an option as long as you make sure no heavy rain is expected that day.

The best season for traveling in Israel
We are often asked about the best season to travel in Israel. We find it hard to answer since there is no definitive one. As mentioned, it is possible to travel in Israel throughout the year. Each season has its own special things to see and places to visit. Each season has its own special charm which in its turn makes your experience powerful and memorable. Our recommendation is to choose the time that is most convenient for you as you will always enjoy yourself. We will be happy to help you plan a trip in Israel in a way that suits you, your expectations and your preferences.