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Grading scale

We find it very important for you to find the best trek that suits your fitness and capabilities in order to ensure full enjoyment of the walkinnisrael experience. Please bear in mind that grading is always subjective. Our grading scale should give you a better idea of what to expect on your trip. Since our grade applies to the whole trek, it is likely to occur that individual days may exceed the stated guidelines. For that matter, please refer to each day trip itinerary for more details. The scale takes into consideration that you are generally fit and used to hiking. In any case of doubt please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. 

Grade 1
Gentle terrain, walking along  good tracks and quiet lanes, with short and gentle, ascents and/or descents. 3-5 hours 10-13 KM

Grade 2
Walking along good tracks.. Ascents and/or descents gentle to moderate slopes. 4-6 hours. 12-16 KM

Grade 3
Walking along a variety of paths, some stony in places, with ascents and/or descents of 300-500 M. 5-7 hours, 15-20 KM. 

Grade 4
Walking  along a variety of paths and surfaces, occasionally challenging, with ascents and/or descents of more than 500M. 6-8 hours,  17-20 KM.

Grade 5
Challenging walking  with a variety of terrain, some long days, and/or long ascents and/or descents.