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What is a Self-Guided Trip?

Lately, we have witnessed a significant growth in demand for self-guided tours, and one could understand why.

This kind of trip has many advantages, and it is an option that could bring your trip experience to new hights. It’s not that we are against guides, it’s just that we think it isn’t the right choice for everyone. It’s true that a guide has added value, but we believe that self-guided tours could teach you a lot about the place you are travelling to, the people and wildlife that call it home, about yourselves and your partners, and give you a once in a lifetime experience. In the next few lines, we will describe self-guided tours, their advantages and who they might be suitable for. Let’s begin:

Self-Guided Tours - How does it work?
Self-guided treks are true to their name. This means that you are your own guide even if you have never learned to be one, it is totally possible. Although this sounds a little vague, this trip is planned to the dot, and all you have to do is follow the path set before you. Organizing self guided tours is our specialty, and we’d be happy to walk you through your trip. We will help you choose the right route for you, reserve accommodation, equip you with technological means to keep you safe, and make sure you have a special experience. In self-guided tours, you walk at your own pace, stopping at places of interest to you, in fact - you do not have to dependent on anyone! These hikes will help you get to know the place you are traveling to better, meet the locals who live there, and be exposed to diverse and intriguing cultures.

The Advantages of Self-Guided Trips
So what’s so good about these trips? Why not hire the services of a guide and be calm and sure s/he will take care of everything? Well, there is something about self-guided tours that is unlike guided ones. Here you walk at your own pace, visiting places you are interested in, without being burdened by a group and their wishes or by the plans the guide made for you. We believe these trips introduce you to a place as it really is, and not to the touristy and slightly artificial parts you would usually be exposed to. These trips give you a unique opportunity to be exposed to cultures, nature, aromas and fascinating stories. It is a great way to get to know and discover a new place in a different manner than usual.

Self-Guided Tours - Who is it for?
It is important to understand that in order to travel alone without a guide, you need a certain nature, and it is not right for everyone. These trips could also be dangerous and it is important to act responsibly. If you feel unsure of yourselves or think that a guide would make you feel calm and safe, this kind of trip may not be right for you. However, if you define yourself as adventurous, looking for unusual and one-of experiences, this is without a doubt the right choice for you. Come and get to know a new place by walking through it, enjoy an irreplaceable hiking experience through the most beautiful and interesting places in Israel.