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Travel Israel Blog

A tour of Israel is a unique and unforgettable experience as anyone who has ever visited and traveled in this great country will testify.

In order to ensure that your stay is most memorable and especially if it is your first time in the country, the following pages provide suggestions and background information to help prepare your visit, offering a better understanding of the immense variety of possibilities available.
  • Grading scale
    Self-guided backpacking trips in Israel for various levels of skill, according to your abilities and choice. At your request, we could also customize and create a unique, partial hikes
  • Prepare your trek
    What should I prepare? What should I pack for a trek? How do I know I’ve packed enough clothes? If you are headed for a hike through the Holy Land, here’s a short guide to help you
  • Travel Tips to Israel
    WALKINNISRAEL is full of tips for traveling in Israel. Our INN TO INN travel service collects all important and useful information that will make your trip to Israel an unforgettable
  • High season prices
    The cost of self-guided tours during high season changes according to the increase in the price of accommodation. Prices are also affected by the Jewish holidays that lead to higher demand
  • Hikes through Israel
    Planning a visit to Israel? Don’t miss out on hiking! That is the way to really get to know Israel, meet different cultures and discover fascinating histories. We would be happy to help you plan the perfect trip
  • The oak tree and its use among villagers in Israel
    The oak tree and its use among villagers in Israel
  • Useful links
    Useful links for those going on hikes in Israel. Various resources and tools to help you prepare for your trip in the Holy Land in the 21st century.
  • The Hermit of Mt. Tabor
    The story of the Hermit of Mt. Tabor. An interesting and important story, especially for those hiking around Nazareth and Northern Israel
  • Where time stands still
    Meet the Galilee village Fassuta where time stands still. You could tour Fassuta as part of a self-guided sea-to-sea hike - a unique Israeli experience.
  • An Arab dinner - Italian perspective/memories
    You can’t talk about a trip to Israel without talking about the Israeli culinary experience. The Israeli cuisine is based on a wide variety of influences, one of which is the local Arab cooking.
  • 10 reasons why you should WalkInnIsrael
    10 reasons why you should WalkInnIsrael
  • Self-Guided Hikes
    Come visit Israel in a somewhat different but no less special way! At your own pace, independently and without a strict schedule. Enjoy self-guided tours through Israel
  • Winter Tours through Israel
    A few drops of rain are no reason to hide away at home. Go for a trip in! Even in winter and even if its cold. Israeli wildlife brings along unique experiences
  • Special Adventures in the Holy Land
    Trek through Israek at your own pace, get to see hidden and amazingly beautiful places? We would be happy to help you plan your self-guided trip in Israel
  • A Short Guide for Backpacking in Israel
    Looking for a unique experience in an exceptional country? Do you wish to travel independently? Come to Israel! Following are a few things you need to know about traveling this land
  • The Advantages of Self-Guided Hikes in Israel
    Self-guided trips have become all the rage around the whole world. They have many advantages and travelers have extraordinary experiences as a result.
  • Must-See Areas in Israel
    Planning a visit to Israel? Debating between the north and the south? Jerusalem or the Sea of Galilee? We have listed a few areas we feel are a must when visiting Israel, those you simply can’t pass on. Have a good trip!
  • Hike in Israel - the best tourist attraction
    We invite you to experience Israel in a way that is less well-known and no less special! Different level hiking trails in beautiful and breataking sceneries...
  • Organized Backpacking Trips in Israel
    Interested in backpacking through Israel? In having a special, fascinating, challenging and eventful trip? We will gladly help you plan and organize the perfect trip for your needs and wishes.
  • 3 Reasons for choosing to hike in Israel
    There are many ways to see Israel, but a hike is the most special way of them all! Afraid? Unsure? Debating? Following are three reasons that will convince you that a hike is the best experience out there.
  • First-hand encounters with Israel´s multiculturalism
    There is the Western Wall, Masada and the Dead Sea, but Israel offers so much more than the popular tourist locations. We invite you to plan a self guided tour that will allow you to meet a rich and fascinating culture
  • Get to know Israel all over again by walking across it
    Do you wish to travel through Israel a little differently? To visit unique locations that aren’t necessarily well known to other tourists? We would be happy to help you plan a hike that is full of singular experiences, through different parts of the country.
  • What is a Self-Guided Trip?
    Do you want to get to know Israel in a unique and unusual way? Come hear about self-guided tours in Israel! A one-of-a-kind experience of an independent trip without having to rely on a guide or a group. Here are the details
  • The weather in Israel
    No matter which time of the year you plan a visit to Israel, traveling here is possible - always. All you need to know is the weather forecast and plan your trip accordingly.
  • Three Important and useful Tips for hikers in Israel
    Hiking in Israel is a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Planning it properly in advance would make it even better. Here are some tips to help you organize your trip accurately.
  • Why you should try a long distance hiking tour in Israel
    Long distance hiking tours are the best way for exploring and discovering a new destination. However it is not the only reason for this kind of tours to be so special, we have some for why you should plan such a tour in Israel
  • From town to countryside - hikes through diverse landscapes
    Will it be mountain sceneries, forests, flowering woods, or even desert as your preferred hiking landscape? you will find it all in Israel. Hiking tours in Israel will introduce you to a diverse landscape and extraordinary experience
  • Luggage transfer from inn to inn – how does it work?
    Planning a trip to Israel? Our guides in WalkInnIsrael are happy to assist in planning anunforgettable trip while taking care of all the technical details to insure a comfortable and safe experience. Luggage transfer from inn to inn is one of those technical details we specialize in!
  • Yam Le Yam hike – Cross Israel by foot
    We invite you to explore Israel in a most unique way! In the Yam e Yam hike you will find breathtaking views, discover fascinating historical sites as well as (a lot of) natural ones. Click for more information on the perfect hike in Israel