One Day Trip
Perfect for families and Easy going hikers at Northern part of Israel

3-5 Days Trip
Amazing experience for those who want to taste the land of Israel

5-8 Days Trip
Outstanding journey for hikers who wish to explore authentic Israel


Walkinnisrael is all about exploring the untrodden paths of Israel – exactly the way you want.
We offer trips in Israel with: inn to inn, self guided treks walking at your own pace. Be it trudging along the scenic routes of the hills surrounding Nazareth, a trek around the Sea of Galilee or a leisurely stroll along the Mediterranean Coast, Walkinnisrael makes these 'untrodden' tracks and adventures accessible, achievable and very enjoyable.
This is your opportunity to discover authentic Israeli life and explore the veritable treasures Israel has to offer by way of the people, trails, landscapes and sites you pass along the way. Israel is one of the few places in the world where during a trek of only a few hours you can come across a wide variety of cultures, diverse landscapes, different climates and visit historical sites dating back 3,000 years.
We believe that the experience will be as unique as the interesting people you meet along the way and at the end of the day. To this end we have carefully chosen your accommodation and those offering you hospitality.

Walkinnisrael is entirely about you. You set the pace. You decide what you want to spend your time exploring. It's up to you. All you need to do now is choose the route that suits your interest and travel style, arrive in Israel and we will take care of the rest.  
Who are we?
We believe that there is no way more beautiful or interesting than a firsthand encounter through a self-guided trek with the variety of paths, landscapes, culture and people of Israel.
How does it work?
Become acquainted, in the most direct way, with the authentic Israel on the less trodden paths.
Why with us?
Join us and explore the joys of walking the hills of Israel your way with other like-minded walkers.

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